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Omnichannel Sales and Marketing Services

Across today’s saturated digital channels, it is more important than ever to consider the entire customer experience in our strategic sales and marketing efforts. Successful enterprises are mission and data driven, customer focused and results oriented. 

We have built a team composed of thought leaders with ‘boots on the ground’ experience in sales, marketing and digital communications. We understand how to help organisations and businesses use and implement technology to effectively empower, engage and transform the world around them. 

We begin by putting the customer journey at the heart of our efforts and by doing this, we are better able to serve their needs – and yours. 

We understand that the always involved, mobile, and connected audience has evolved to become not only content consumers but also co-creators. And we understand how to help our clients engage their customers in meaningful ways: 

  • By rapidly growing audience  across multiple digital channels, 
  • Developing messaging that resonates, and 
  • Implementing communication programmes that deliver results. 
  • Developing Thought-leadership

People interact and engage with businesses and brands at a rapid pace and we must adapt to an ever-crowded digital marketplace. 

Across multiple sectors, customer’s actions are dynamic and fluid, and they make their decisions based upon online and offline sources. It is important that we provide them with relevant, engaging content across all channels in order to inspire and influence them to act. 

Based upon our 25 years of global experience, we believe that people should be at the heart of every programme. With this in mind, have a look at our services. 

Our Services

We help companies achieve their sales and marketing goals. 

By developing creative, omnichannel Go To Market programmes, we help our clients develop leads into customers and convert customers into communities of Brand Ambassadors. 

We help our clients create and execute the following programmes that deliver results:

  • Audience Growth Strategy
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Omnichannel Campaigns
  • Integrated Branding Programmes
  • Content Marketing Programmes
  • Targeted Social Media Campaigns 
  • Brand Ambassador Programmes


Your success will relate directly to the team you have on the ground. We can remove the stress of managing remote teams by providing a level of support that works for you. We can:


  • Provide strategic and practical support to your local sales teams
  • Be your local sales and marketing teams
  • Plan and deliver lead generation strategies
  • Recruit talent to your business development and sales teams
  • Optimise your sales process and systems for faster growth

Here are a few examples of our work


We helped to successfully bring GovDelivery to market in the UK. From a standing start they now have over 13 million subscribers and  over 100 public sector organisations in the UK use the platform.


We are currently helping Tarmac expand its European presence by leading its go to market strategy in the UK and EU, building a sales pipeline, developing a content marketing strategy and executing a thought leadership programme. 

Hello Dorking/Dorking Town Partnership

In 2019, Amplia Group and its creative partner, Objekt Films, was shortlisted for a Campaign Live Digital Cinema Marketing for Good Campaign and won a Comms2Point0 Best Work by an Agency for its ‘Save the Highstreet’ town regeneration Integrated Digital Communications Campaign for the Dorking Town Partnership


Environmental Defense Fund

Our partner, Amplia Group, helped EDF, one of the largest US environmental non-profits, engage conservative business leaders using a digital brand ambassador programme, to take action on climate change.


More Partnership

Kathy Kyle Bonomini, co-founder of Amplia Group, launched and led a successful integrated digital campaign for More Partnership, one of Europe’s premier philanthropic consulting agencies, for their headline event in Brussels. The consultancy generated leads from the six-month digital campaign and from the event. 


“I have worked with Dave for two years now and can honestly say that he is one of the most influential leaders I have met. His passion and desire for the Public Sector stands him apart and to my mind makes him one-in-a-million. He understands the challenges the sector faces and is invested in helping them achieve great things. I am proud to work with Dave and would highly recommend that you seize any opportunity to do the same.”

Lorna Perry

“Dave is one of the best managers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I would highlight several things: positive and encouraging attitude both to clients and internal team, deep government process and innovations knowledge, and an ability to watch trends and integrate them into daily operations. Be it your business partner, or colleague, you cannot go wrong with Dave.”

Stepan Soukenik

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